Cassava processing plants

  1. Cassava commercialization project by Gulu Catholic Archdiocese – aims at the socio economic transformation of the people in Acholi sub region through the commercialization of cassava production and industrialization.

  2. Cassava/sorghum Industrialization project (CASIP) with Fresh Horizons Ltd. Seeks an investment partnership with UDC to set up a cassava-sorghum industrial facility with an output processing capacity of 1.25MT of industrial starch per hour in Kibuuku district.

  3. Set up a Cassava starch and derivatives factory project with Bagadia Group of Investors.

    During the March 2018 Uganda-India Investment Forum organized by the Ugandan High Commission in the Indian cities of New Delhi and Mumbai, the UDC team led by the Board Chairman interacted with a prospective investment partner (Mr. Sushil Bagadia representing the Bagadia Group of Investors based in Mumbai) that expressed interest to consider the prospects of undertaking an investment partnership with UDC to set up a 100MT/day cassava starch and derivatives(i.e. Glucose syrup) factory in Uganda. It is estimated that the proposed investment partnership will require around US $ 1,400,000, with the Bagadia Group of Investors proposing to contribute around 64.3% equity (US$ 900,000), while UDC will be expected to contribute the remaining 35.7% (US$ 500,000). Establishment of a cassava starch factory has the potential to save FOREX for Uganda (about US$ 21,583,800 per annum worth of imports); since starch can be used in many industrial applications; e.g. textiles, baking, brewing, pharmaceuticals etc.

  4. Asia-Uganda Allied Group project – aims at setting up a cassava starch factory in partnership with UDC