Kalangala Infrastructure Services Limited.

Kalangala Infrastructure Services Limited (KIS) project is in the service sector. The Corporation undertook Infrastructure improvements on Bugala Island where the project is located. The company completed the four (4) major improvements below and now operates commercially through provision of ferry transport services to the people of Kalangala, water for both domestic and commercial purposes and also electricity

Specifically, the improvements included:

  1. Provision of two new (Roll-on-Roll-off) ferries to operate between Bukakata and Luuku, and rehabilitation of ferry land sites at the two locations.
  2. Rehabilitation and expansion of the 66km main island road from Luuku to Mulabana via Kalangala town council – the road was completed in June 2016 and was handle over to Government of Uganda as per the agreement.
  3. Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity on Bugala island via a solar hybrid power plant.
  4. Rehabilitation and expansion of the water supply system for Kalangala town council and seven (7) other settlement areas.

While the project was initiated in May 2006, commercial operations commenced in August 2012 through UDC that has a shareholding of 45.7% in the company.