Soroti Fruit Factory

The Soroti Fruit Factory, was established in partnership between the Government of Uganda and the Government of South Korea. The factory that is owned by Government through UDC and by the farmers through the Teso Tropical Fruits Cooperative Union Limited (TEFCU) commenced commercial operations in October 2019. The factory was established to add value to the available fruit especially oranges and mangoes predominately grown in the Teso sub-region. In so doing, create employment opportunities along the value chain, and enhance household incomes. The factory currently produces two major products; Natural Ready to Drink (RTD) orange and mango juices and fruit concentrates/puree under the ‘Teju juice’ brand. These products are available countrywide.

The Government of Uganda through Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) holds 80% shares in Soroti Fruits Limited and Teso Tropical Fruits Cooperative Union (TEFCU) with 20% shares. TEFCU are the main suppliers of fruits to the factory.

Horyal Investment Holding Company Ltd (Atiak Sugar Factory)

The Atiak Sugar Factory located in Atiak, Amuru District processes sugarcane and turns it into Sugar. UDC’s strategic intervention in this factory is geared at improving the livelihoods of vulnerable populations in Northern Uganda, by utilizing the sugar cane in the region for production and in turn create employment.

The factory that has an initial production capacity of 1,650 Tons of cane crushed per day, is the first large investment by Government in post-conflict Northern Uganda. To enhance farm productivity, UDC has procured farm mechanization equipment.

UDC holds 40% shareholding in HIHC

Bukona Agro Processors Ltd

Located in Lapem Village, Koch-Goma Sub County, Nwoya District, the Bukona Agro Processing Ltd, manufactures denatured ethanol which is a source of green fuel for cooking. The denatured ethanol is produced from cassava, maize and sorghum which is widely grown in the northern region of Uganda thus creating a ready source of market for the smallholder farmers in the region. The factory which commenced commercial operations in May 2021, has set up an assembly line where it produces energy saving cooking stoves that utilize the ethanol.

UDC shareholding in this factory stands at 40.5%.

Mutuma Commercial Agencies

Mutuma Commercial Agencies (MCAL) located in Luuka District, Busoga Sub region is a zero-discharge factory that produces high quality absorbent cotton wool under the brand “Pearl Cotton wool”. The company that has been in operation since 1999 works with over 6,000 farmers. Who supply conventional seed cotton that it processes into quality absorbent cotton wool. The company also produce cotton seed oil, cotton seed cake, soap stock and cotton husks.

UDC shareholding in this Company stands at 36%.

Kigezi Highland Tea Ltd

UDC entered a lease financing partnership with Kigezi Highland Tea Ltd for the establishment of two tea factories in South-Western Uganda. The factories located in Kabale and Kisoro districts are installed with Cut, Tear and Curl (CTC) machinery of 450 kilograms per hour production capacity. The factories sell their tea at the Mombasa Tea auction.

Kayonza Growers Tea Ltd

UDC through a lease finance arrangement, installed a third 600Kg/hr CTC line at the Kayonza Growers Tea factory in Kanungu District. The aim was to improve the factory’s productivity and efficiency. This has enhanced the company’s competitiveness in the tea sector. This intervention has resulted into increased uptake of raw materials from the tea farmers in the region.

Mpanga Growers Tea Ltd

Mpanga Growers Tea Ltd in Kabarole district was incorporated in 1995 as a public limited company owned by small holder farmers. UDC’s intervention helped increase the company’s production capacity. The factory produces black tea for export on the Mombasa tea Auction

UDC holds 31.9% shareholding in the company.

Mabale Growers Tea Ltd.

Mabale Growers Tea Ltd located in Kyenjojo district, Tooro sub-region is involved in green leaf processing. The factory produces black tea majorly sold at the Mombasa tea Auction. UDC’s intervention, has helped the company significantly increase uptake of green leaf (the raw material) from the tea farmers resultantly increasing its productivity.

UDC holds 48.5% shareholding in the factory

Budadiri Arabica Coffee Factory Ltd.

The Budadiri Arabica Coffee Mills Ltd (BACFL) first incorporated in September 1988, is located in Bugisu- Sironko district. The factory engages in coffee processing, (curing, grading, and packing) destined for the export market. UDC’s strategic intervention helped revive the factory’s commercial operations thus generating both direct and indirect jobs, contributing to foreign exchange earnings for Uganda and providing ready market for small holder coffee farmers in the region.

Nilezilla Ltd (Yumbe Fruit Factory)

The Nilezilla Ltd is a mango fruit pulp processing factory located in Yumbe District. The company popularly referred as the Yumbe Fruit Factory is a Public, Private, Partnership between government (UDC), Scientists (Foods and Nutrition Solutions Limited (FONUS)) and Farmers (Aringa Fruit Farmers’ Cooperative Society). The factory that processes the indigenous ‘kagoggwa’ mango variety is a testament that scientific research can be transformed into products for commercialization. This venture is aligned with the Uganda government’s commitment to transforming agriculture into a commercially viable sector, generating employment opportunities, and increasing farmers’ income. The factory’s presence has already started to impact the social and economic livelihood of the people in the West Nile region.