Beef Value Addition

Uganda Development Corporation with the help of the private sector proposes to establish 30 modern nucleus farms spread in different major cattle keeping areas that will act as centralized hubs for excellence in breeding and beef production. A Special Purpose Vehicle will be established to execute the investment.

Modern Spinning Mill with 30,000 Spindles

The proposed spinning mill will be a joint venture partnership between UDC and the private sector to install a state of the art facility with a capacity of 30,000 spindles (23 tons/day). The spinning mill will be equipped with the necessary machinery to manufacture both pure cotton yarn (10tons/day) and polyester cotton blended (PC) yarn (13 tons/day). A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) will be stablished to execute the investment.

Cassava Processing Project

UDC in partnership with the private sector intends to set up a starch and ethanol processing plant in Pader District to add value to the cassava grown in the region. The investment is to provide a ready market for cassava widely grown in the region, thus increasing household incomes in our agro based economy. The starch and ethanol plant will have a processing capacity of 100 tons/day of starch and 8,000 liters/day of ethanol.

Luwero Fruit Factory Project

UDC intends to set up a fruit processing factory in Luwero district to add value to pineapple fruits that are widely grown in Luwero District. The proposed factory is designed to have a total installed capacity of 8.5MT/hr of fresh fruits and will have three (3) processing lines that is, the drying line, canning line and ready to drink ginger flavored pineapple drink-Munanansi juice line

Cocoa Processing Factory Project

UDC intends to invest in establishing a cocoa processing factory in Bundibugyo district to add value to the available cocoa in the district and other host communities. Cocoa is the third leading agricultural export commodity. The factory will focus on primary and secondary processing in the first ten years to produce high quality fermented, dried and clean cocoa beans, cocoa liquor/mass, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Farmer earnings are expected to increase, employment creation and Uganda’s balance of payments will improve.