Zombo Tea processing factory.

UDC, through equity financing intends to set up a single line of CTC Tea Processing Facility operating at around 2,608kg/hr. of the readymade tea with room for expansion.

The factory aims at producing black tea for export. The project will contribute to the growth of West Nile region in particular through provision of employment opportunity for the local people, enhance house hold income and generate foreign exchange for Uganda.

Yumbe Mango Factory.

Located in West Nile, the investment is aiming at establishing a mango processing facility with an input capacity of 5MT/hr. and output capacity of 2.5 MT/hr. of single strength mango puree and was set up under a tripartite investment partnership between FONUS, UDC and Aringa Fruit Farmers’ Cooperative Society.


Budadiri Arabica Coffee Factory Ltd.

UDC intends to invest in Budadiri Arabica Coffee Factory Ltd (BACFL) which is a limited liability company that was first incorporated in September 1988, It is located in Bugisu- Sironko district with one of its major business objectives being; to establish and engage in the business of coffee processing (i.e. mainly; curing, grading, and packing) destined for the export market. The factory has got a current processing capacity of 2.5MT of parchment coffee per hour and maximum input capacity of 12,000MT of dried Arabic parchment coffee. The factory will generate both direct and indirect jobs, contribute to foreign exchange earnings for Uganda and provide ready market for coffee for small holder farmers in the region.

Kyarusozi Growers Tea Company Ltd.

Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) in partnership with the private sector is adding value to tea growing. Kyarusozi Growers Tea Company Ltd is a private limited company located in Kyenjojo district incorporated on 9th July 2018 and promoted by a nucleus smallholder tea farmer with practical experience in managing a small scale tea business. The neighbors have been mobilized to benefit from the proposed tea processing factory that will be established to handle production from their individually owned tea gardens.

The tea proposed project will start with capacity to handle 1,400kg/hr. of green leaf per day. The factory aims at producing black tea for export on the Mombasa tea Auction.

The business model for Kyarusozi Tea Company Limited has been designed to ensure farmers market for their green leaf. It is projected that around 1,650 direct employment opportunities (i.e. mainly youth out growers) will be generated. 

Increased foreign exchange earnings through full capacity utilization of 4 million kgs of Greenleaf per year; more than USD 6 million will come into Uganda per year as a result of Kyarusozi Tea Factory Production.

KIKA Global Outreach Company Limited.

UDC   intends to set up a coffee processing plant to help farmers in Lyantonde district under KIKA Global Outreach Company Limited which is a coffee grading and roasting factory.

The intended capacity will be 15mt/hr. grading and 40mt/day roasting factory. The factory intends to have products such as roasted coffee and graded coffee beans.

There will be provision of employment to the local community, increased foreign exchange earnings, market to the farmers locally grown coffee varieties, among other benefits.

Bundibugyo Cocoa processing Factory.

UDC intends to invest in establishing a cocoa processing factory through equity financing in Bundibugyo district to add value to the available cocoa in the district and other host communities. The proposed project is currently undergoing a feasibility study to establish its viability.

The project will generate both direct & indirect jobs to the host communities, will increase house hold income especially for small holder cocoa farmers and contribute to increased foreign exchange for the country.

Amuru Sugar Factory.

UDC in partnership with the Madhvani Group intend to establish a sugarcane processing facility in Amuru district, Acholi sub-region. The project will be supported by both a nucleus and out grower supply of sugar cane to be processed into industrial sugar and related by-products like ethanol and power. The proposed capacity in the short term will be 3,000 TCD; with plans for expansion in a phased manner up to 6,500-7,500 Tons of Cane per Day (TCD).

The project will generate direct jobs up to 9000 farmers (out growers), enhance export for ready-made sugar thus increased foreign exchange earnings to the country. The project will further enhance community access to essential utilities such as clean water.


Busoga Sugar Factory.

UDC is partnering with Busoga Sugar Processing Factory through equity financing. This factory is located in Luuka district and it is engaged in sugar processing, using sugarcane as the main raw material. The factory capacity is 1,250TCD producing brown sugar for domestic and global markets.

The project will generate employment to Ugandans, scale up revenue sources to local and central government, increase incomes, enhance foreign currency inflows and foster skills development for employees in technical and managerial capacity.

Acholibur Parish Project.

UDC is exploring modalities of establishing a 400MT /day of Cassava processing for starch under the Acholibur Parish Project pioneered by the Catholic Diocese of Gulu. During the reporting period, UDC engaged stakeholders in Gulu and other host districts that were geared at rallying support of leaders to mobilize farmers engage in productive and commercial cassava farming in order to supply ready cassava to the proposed Starch Factory.


Nwoya Fruit Processing Factory.

The investment proposal is aimed at establishing an economically viable Nwoya Fruit Processing Factory (NFPF) through a tripartite investment partnership between DUL, UDC/NAADS and other potential investors. The proposed project aims at processing mainly Mangoes, Guava, Citrus and Pineapple which are available in the region.

Luwero Fruit Processing Facility Project.

This project aims at promoting value addition to fruits in the Greater Luwero area targeting the Districts such as Luwero, Nakasongola, Nakaseke and Kiboga. The projected factory to be set up will have a processing capacity of 12MT/hour to process pineapples and mangoes into concentrates and ready to drink juice.


Alfasan Uganda Ltd.

The project is an investment partnership between UDC and Alfasan Uganda Ltd whose aim and purpose is to invest in the installation of a local facility to produce high quality Veterinary medicines, Pest-sides and vaccines for animals.

Uganda National Commodity Exchange.

UDC intends to carry out an equity investment in Uganda National Commodity Exchange (UNCE) that was incorporated on the 27th March 2015. It is a limited liability company following the demutualization of the Uganda Commodities Exchange (UCE) to include a stake by the public sector. It is regulated by the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) a government agency mandated to regulate among other things, the trade of negotiable instruments.   It aims to trade in the following commodities for the Uganda National Bureau of Standards: maize grain, pulses especially beans, coffee, tea and sugar.

Expected socio economic benefits.

  • Provides information on markets of various commodities involved.
  • Provision of both direct and indirect jobs.
  • Export promotion.