Lake Katwe Salt Project.

The Lake Katwe Salt project was one of the projects implemented by UDC before its holding company was wound up in 1998. UDC incorporated Lake Katwe salt company in 1975 with the mandate to extract, and process salt for both human and industrial use.

Regrettably, it did not produce any salt due to lack of an in-depth chemical analysis to identify the properties within the brine hence resulting into the poor technology design. UDC is in the pro­cess of revamping the Lake Katwe salt project into a chemical plant to pro­duce salt (sodium chloride) for human consumption and by-products to be used in the chemical, pharmaceutical, leather tanning and textile industry.

The project will generate employment to Ugandans, scale up revenue sources to local and central government, increase incomes, enhance foreign currency inflows and foster skills development for employees in technical and managerial capacity.

Sheet Glass Factory

Sheet glass is one of the fundamental building materials used in the construction industry. In the case of Uganda, the construction industry is the leading consumer of sheet glass. The proposed investment will be implemented through a joint venture partnership between Uganda Development Corporation and the private sector whereby a Special Purpose Vehicle will be established to execute the investment.

Devki Steel Mills Ltd

UDC is in the process of partnering with Devki Steel Mills Limited in Kenya to explore avenues for value addition to Uganda’s iron ore resources. This is geared at creation of jobs and increasing revenue to promote social and economic development of Uganda.

Moroto Cement Uganda

Development Corporation (UDC) in partnership with the private sector intends to set up an integrated lime, cement and marble plants in Moroto district to add value to the existing limestone/marble deposits in the licensed area in Loyoro – Kaabong Karamoja region. The proposed cement plant will have a processing capacity of 1,250 tons per day, lime plant – 300 tons per day and 11,000 square meters per month for the marble plant.