Research Development and Capacity Building

Promoting and facilitating research into industrial development is one of the key approaches UDC uses to attain its purpose of existence. As provided for in the UDC Act 2016, UDC collaborates with research organisations and firms in generating evidence needed to appraise potential investments. In the execution of its functions, the Corporation is required to ensure the commercial, financial and technical soundness and viability of potential entities and ventures, and the promoters with whom Government enters into partnership. As such, UDC conducts several kinds of research including, but not limited to due diligence, feasibility studies and value chain studies to guide investment in strategic commodities. Also through research, UDC generates’ evidence for tracking the performance in line with the Corporation’s strategic objectives. Thus, UDC works with research organisations to to undertake baseline and impact evaluation research studies to generate evidence which the Corporation uses to inform strategic investment decisions.

It should be noted that during collaborative research studies, UDC builds/strengthens the capacity of collaborators by critiquing inception and study reports, and providing technical feedback for improvement. Also, UDC provides technical guidance on preparation of winning project proposals in line with the UDC mandate. The Corporation’s review and feedback mechanisms are so comprehensive that they directly impact knowledge and enhance the capacity of local research firms to take advantage of research opportunities within Uganda and beyond.