Food City Complex

Molino Inc. submitted to UDC a Proposal/Feasibility Study for establishing a Food City Complex comprising of thirteen (13) plants and their respective silos at a total investment cost of US $ 262,324,465.62 (Ugx 971,912,145,122), exclusive of land,  necessary external infrastructure (utility supply, roads and ICT), studies (geo-technical and Environmental Impact Assessment), contract performance costs, supervising consultant, taxes on machinery and construction  materials, permits and licenses.  

The plants contained in the proposal were:  Bakery Flour Mill, Sorghum Flour Mill, Semolina Mill, Feed Mill, Bakery plant, Confectionary Plant, Maize flour Mill, Millet Flour Mill, Paddy Processing Plant & Rice Flour Mill, Biscuit Flour Mill, Biscuit and Wafer Plant, Chocolate Plant and Short Cut Pasta Plant.

This investment was to be financed by 85% loan from Turkish Exim Bank and the remaining 15% to be provided by the Government of Uganda. Therefore UDC would be the borrower of the financing and contract Molino to execute the project in form of an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor.