The Directorate of Legal is created under the purview of sec. 14 of the UDC Act 2016, to support the board as well as the Executive Director and undertake the following functions and duties;

  1. Provide legal advisory services to the Corporation
  2. Offer corporate secretariat services to the Board of UDC
  3. Defending the Corporation in litigation cases
  4. Mitigating legal risks
  5. Review of contracts for provision of supplies, services etc. to UDC
  6. Ensuring Compliance with our laws, regulations and all necessary international standards while executing the corporation’s duties and functions.
  7. Drafting strategic transactions in pursuance of investment opportunities such as SHA, JVA, MOU, subsidiary company constitutions etc.
  8. Drafting Corporation Policies and reviewing them on an annual basis
  9. Undertaking rigorous due diligence that guides in the decision making processes before taking on investments.
  10. Reputational management of the Corporation
  11. Overseeing the governance of all subsidiary and associate companies created through UDC