Kigezi highland tea factories

UDC has partnered with the private sector in three tea factories in Kabale, Kisoro and Kanungu. UDC partnered with Kigezi Highland Tea Ltd (KHTL) in two tea factories with a 450kilogram per hour production capacity.

The partners, who were already in busi­ness, constructed the factories while UDC provided processing equipment, generators and vehicles for transpor­tation of raw materials and processed tea. Since their commissioning in August 2018, the plants have injected a monthly average of Shs240 million per month in the purchase of green leaf, payment of wages and utilities, and generated export revenue through the sale of tea on the Mombasa auction.

Having been commissioned in August 2018, the corporation has since December 2019 and in collaboration with Kigezi Highland Tea Ltd undertaken a drive to facilitate the planting by outgrower farmers of an additional 10 million tea seedlings by farmers in areas adjacent to the two factories located in Kabale and Kisoro.