Moroto Integrated Cement/Lime/Marble Plant In Karamoja


Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) in partnership with the private sector is adding value to the existing limestone/marble deposits in the licensed area in Loyoro – Kaabong district through setting up an integrated lime, cement and marble plants in Moroto district. A special Purpose vehicle – Moroto Ateker Cement Company Ltd (MACCL) was set up to implement the project. UDC holds 45%, Savannah Mines Ltd 40% and Saboo Engineers PVT Ltd 15% shareholding in Moroto Ateker Co. Ltd.  The plants will utilize 80% of local raw materials in the production of clinker, cement, lime and marble. The cement plants established in Uganda rely on the importation of clinker a raw material required in the production of cement, thus an increase in foreign exchange outflow. Uganda’s foreign exchange outflow on importation of clinker increased from USD 126,518,000 in 2013 to USD 210,981,000 in 2018.

Proposed capacity of the integrated cement, lime and marble plants
Cement plant – processing capacity of 1,250 tons per day,
Lime plant – 300 tons per day
Marble – 11,000 square meters of marble per month.

Key proposed products to be produced are as follows:

  1. Clinker
  2. Cement
  3. Lime
  4. Marble

Expected socio-economic benefits of this Cement Project

  • Creation of both direct and indirect employment opportunities – approximately 360 skilled and unskilled as well as 1500 part time jobs.
  • Central  and  local  government  are  bound  to  reap  from increase in the tax base and eventually better  social service delivery  to the people of Karamoja  and Uganda  in general.
  • With the strategic location of the proposed cement manufacturing near South Sudan and Western Kenya, the project is expected to bring in foreign currency inflows through export of cement products.
  • will spur the housing and real estate development within the region. With the necessary infrastructure in place, coupled with availability of locally manufactured cement, the sector is anticipated to grow and create modern housing.
  • Skills development for the employees in technical and management aspects
  • Physical and social infrastructure development in Karamoja such as better road network, power, water, health facilities, education facilities, housing facilities and  recreation facilities