Amuru Sugar Processing Factory plant.

UDC through Government of Uganda expects to establish a sugarcane processing facility in Amuru district (greater Acholi sub-region) in partnership with Madhvani Group through Amuru Sugar Works Ltd. This will be supported by both a nucleus and out grower supply of sugar cane to be processed into industrial sugar and related by-products like ethanol and power. The proposed capacity in the short term is 3,000 TCD; with plans for expansion in a phased manner to 6,500-7,500 TCD.

The socio economic benefit includes;

  • The project targets the off take of sugarcane for at least 3000 out-growers.
  • It will create 9,000 direct job opportunities, export potential, power generation,
  • Promotion of other social amenities and utilities e.g. power, potable water, schools and medical facilities.

The investment targets both the domestic and export markets for sugarcane derivative products including co-generation of power. The required funding is US$ 125-150 million for the first two phases, which will increase to around USD 225-250 million at full expansion capacity