Nwoya Fruit Processing Factory.

This is a green field type of project where UDC will offer equity financing in an investment partnership with Delight Uganda Limited (DUL), National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) and other potential investors. The investment proposal is aimed at establishing an economically viable Nwoya Fruit Processing Factory (NFPF) in Nwoya District.

The proposed project aims at processing mainly mangoes, guava, citrus and pineapple which are available in the region and the proposed capacities include;

  1. 4 MT/hr. for mango puree line.
  2. 4 MT /hr. for the combination of guava puree line to be shared with the Mango puree products. This decision then requires that the facility has a combined line for both guava and mango puree processing to cover up the surplus mango raw materials.
  3. 4 MT/hour of citrus / pineapple concentrate line.

The expected benefits include;

  • Creation of both direct and indirect jobs.
  • Creation of ready market for the available fruits in the region.                                           
  • Increase the competitiveness of Delight Uganda Limited and propel it into a medium Enterprise.
  • Export promotion.