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Kalangala Infrastructure Services Limited

A multi-sectored infrastructure company designed as a public private partnership (PPP), Kalangala Infrastructure Services Limited is a US$50 million company that remains the most successful PPP developed in Uganda. The development comprises of:

Ferry: provision of commercial marine transportation services through the construction and operation of two (2) new roll-on, roll-off passenger and vehicle ferries, and the re-construction of the landing sites at Bukakata (Mainland) and Bugoma (Bugala Island). The two ferries MV Pearl and MV Ssese operate between Bukakata and Luuku providing 16 ferry crossings daily between the two points. This is part of the Government of Uganda incentives to the development of the oil palm growing project , and tourism development. The ferry transportation has eased movement to and from the main land to the island thus increasing the tourist visits to the island and increasing the income of the inhabitants of the islands

Passengers Disembarking the MV pearl which is one of the two ferries operated by KIS.

Electricity: Provision of electricity through the construction and operation of a 1.6MW hybrid solar/diesel power generating facility and, a transmission and distribution grid serving the principal settlements on the Island. The Bukuzindu Hybrid Power Plant is a tourist attraction by itsself and facilitates the provision of power to over 6 landing sites such as Kibange Mabijo, Lusozi, Kasekulo, Kazi Malanga and Dhajji, improving the quality of life at those landing sites. High energy costs from individual generators or alternative energy sources that were prevalently used on the Island have greatly decreased as connections to electricity provided by KIS have exponentially grown.


The Bukuzindu Hybrid Power Plant shown above generates 1.6MW throughout the Island to homes and businesses facilitating economic activities on the Island


Road: upgrade to “Class B Gravel Standard” of the 66 Km main island road and expansion to National road standards easing road access on the island and thus boosting tourism and economic activities on the Island.Construction works on the Roads were completed in March 2016 and the Road handed over to the Government for maintenance as provided under the Implementation Agreement.

Portable Water Provision: construction and operation of a portable /piped water system on the main island.  This is effected through provision and operation of public water points, as well as institutional and individual water connections.  The provision of water has significantly reduced the burden of water borne diseases on the island and boosted tourists’ confidence.



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