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Kiira Motors Corporation

KIIRA Motors Corporation (KMC) was incorporated as a private company for the development of motor vehicles in Uganda. Jointly owned by UDC and Makerere University, It is an offshoot of the Kiira Motors Project whose industrial potentialities were recognised transitioning into a Government program for automotive industrialization through the Kiira Motors Corporation. The ultimate goal is to produce vehicles made in Uganda.

It is anticipated that once is KMC completed will attract a multipllicity of over 10,000 employment opportunities for Ugandans both direct and indirect at various skill levels; foreign exchange saving due to import substitution in the long term; Building strong forward and backward linkages with other sectors of the economy such as the petroleum sector, sheet glass industry, iron and steel industry, the Roads and Transport Sector amongst others; investment and the adoption of environmentally friendly technologies, acquisition of skills and work practices that facilitate quality improvement and adoption of recognized international standards in the Automotive industry; Promotion and development of engineering facilities and apprenticeship schemes aimed at building the capacity of the local Ugandan human resource in automotive industry; Encouraging  partnerships with the private sector so as enhance capacity to develop similar bankable projects in Uganda.

Progress on Kiira Motors Corporation

  • Development of the 25 Year Kiira Motors business case and strategy which provides for the implementation of the KMC objectives in five tangible Phases;
  • Allocation of 100 Acres of land by the Government through Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) at the Jinja Industrial and Business Park for the construction of the KMC Plant;
  • key Staff Training in Vehicle Engineering & Manufacturing at the renowned top tier automotive industry institutions all over the World;
  • Involvement in a wide spectrum of artisans drawn from the informal manufacturing sector (Katwe artisans) in the development of the three Concepts Vehicles such as the Kiira EV (the Green Car), the Kiira SMACK (the sleek black sedan) and the Kayoola Solar Bus (Kayoola Bus) under the Kiira Vehicle Technology Innovation Program.


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