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Message From Minister

I welcome you to the Website of Uganda Development Corporation. Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) was established by Legal Notice No. 111 of 1952 to “facilitate the economic development of Uganda” During the period prior and after Independence, UDC made tremendous strides in both Industrial and Economic Development of the country.

Like any other sector of the Ugandan economy, UDC suffered economic decline in the 70’s and 80’s. It has now been revived with the original intention of spearheading industrial and economic development of the country.

Through this website we are hopeful that all our stakeholders will be able to access and be as interactive as possible with us in real time.

As a Government Corporation we are desirous of enhancing economic development for all Ugandans. To do this end we shall require the opinions and suggestions of all of you our stakeholders.I do commend to you this website.

A.K Minister

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Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) is the development and investment arm of the Government of Uganda, with the mandate to promote and facilitate the industrial and economic development of Uganda. read more ...

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