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Corporate Values & Beliefs

UDC is committed to transparency, accountability and maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards in Corporate Governance. Investments in which UDC is involved are selected on the basis of established and prudent investment  principles and values. UDC does not necessarily take control or seek to influence the day to day operations of the undertakings in which it has invested. Therefore while each investment is unique, UDC is committed to investing for the long term for stable, sustainable and risk adjusted return on investment.

In ensuring that UDC is run as a self-sustaining and profitable corporate entity, and for every venture and undertaking that it is involved in, UDC ensures the following:

  1. Compliance with prevailing laws in Uganda and all international conventions to which GOU is a signatory;
  2. Transparency in the implementation of its operations in order to be fully accountable to the public and the GOU;
  3. Deliberate policy of corporate social responsibility. For more on this click here;
  4. Integrity and ethical conduct in the decisions and actions of employees, management, shareholders and clients; and
  5. Provision of the best possible environment for employee retention, employee skills development and employee loyalty.
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About Us

Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) is the development and investment arm of the Government of Uganda, with the mandate to promote and facilitate the industrial and economic development of Uganda. read more ...

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